Next on the tee

Next on the tee


Welcome to Comical Golfer

Hello all, glad you could make it. Comical Golfer was created to ponder, share, head scratch, pontificate, muse, ramble, reflect, and opine on any and all things golf. There could be some pearls of wisdom within. There could be a large quantity of what the %$#&@?! as well. The mission is to see the game we love grow, and humor has earned its rightful place in that endeavor. Of course, our brand of ‘funny’ is bound to miss plenty of fairways, but we intend to keep teeing it up. So have a look around and enjoy. Sometimes funny and often lame, but always for fun.


henry hill meme

chuck norris meme

arnold palmer with beautiful women


Input and feedback always appreciated. If it’s golf or funny, we wanna know! Thanks for stopping by and keep ’em in the short grass,




2 thoughts on “Next on the tee

  1. Interesting site! Really have gotten some “lol” moments from some of your posts. Looking forward to more!

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