Golf slang: Part Deux

Golf slang: Part Deux


Part Deux

  • Unleash the Kraken– swing as hard as one can with the driver (often with poor result) *see waffle housed*
  • Waffle Housed- scattered, smothered and covered (hashbrown options). usually associated with hook. example: smother hooked
  • Kenobi- as in out of bounds/OB.  “that shot went kenobi” Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Brosnan’d- as in good shot, nice trajectory- “I Pierced that one”
  • Skulled– hit poorly, low on the face of the club. Poor result. Opposite of Brosnan’d


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  • Flush/Flushed- to hit a shot in the sweet spot or center of the club face
  • Skins game- typical wager for a round of golf amongst friends. All sorts of colorful variations to add more confusion when tallying skins at the end of the round. see below:
  • Greenie- having your shot end up closest to the hole in a skins game. typically on par 3s, but can also be implemented on par 5s. Then you must validate
  • Validate- to win a greenie in a skins game,  you must get down in 2 putts or less. Example: hitting it closest to the hole on a par 3, then 2 putting for par, you’ve  validated. 3 putt for bogey? No greenie for you

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  • Sandy- getting up and down from a bunker in regulation. Used in skins game
  • In the screws- to hit a shot in the center of club face. to really hit it well
  • Maximum “maimage”- to really hit a drive hard, with all you have
  • Smoked- usually associated with driver. hit the drive very far, bombed it, unleashed the Kraken, tattooed it. could also refer to a well struck iron shot
  • Sunday Best– As in I hit that ball as far or as well as I could
  • Apple sauced- double crossed your swing- trying to hit a fade and you hit a hook. Criss cross apple sauce
  • As seen on TV– what you say to your playing partners after an amazing shot you execute
  • Goat hump– loss of tush line and/or spine angle during one’s downswing. Can often result in next “shot” on the list
  • Shank– the WORST term on list. hitting the ball on the hosel of the club, usually associated with iron shots. example: an 8 iron intended to go straight around 140 yards. instead travels 20 to 30 yards at basically a right angle from where you are aiming. Akin to nails on a chalk board. Salt on an open wound. “7 out” at the craps table (if betting pass line). Not a shot you EVER want to hit. Not even allowed to be vocalized during a round.

*******read more jargon in part three*******



4 thoughts on “Golf slang: Part Deux

  1. Interesting. I don’t recognize any of those terms in the main stream. After reading this I can be on the look out for them. Maybe I just have not noticed. It’a like when you just become aware of something or you just brought a new car. Now you notice that thing or that car everywhere you go 😉

  2. Great article, I definitely learned some Golf slang today. Now I can sound like I know what I’m doing. lol. Great information, have a great one.

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