Golf slang: Part 3

Golf slang: Part 3


yet more slang and jargon

  • konica minolta bizhub– a camera Peter Kostis shamelessly plugs on CBS golf broadcasts. I still have no idea what makes this camera so special
  • yoga jargon memeG.I.R. – the acronym for hitting a green in regulation. For non golfers : reaching a par 3 in one stroke, a par 4 in two strokes, and a par 5 in three strokes
  • Tight lie– where one’s ball rests on a closely mown area
  • Rock– can be used to describe any golf ball. However, usually associated with a cheaper ball
  • Nip & tucker– hitting a pitch or chip shot very clean off a tight lie. Usually results in good backspin applied to the ball. Assuming you’re not playing a “rock”. Example: did you hit that pitch good? “yes, it was nip and tuckered.”
  • Airstrip– refers to very hard and firm fairways. usually associated with goat ranches
  • Jackson Brown!– great singer/songwriter, but a terrible golf shot. As in “doctor my eyes! that was awful,” that shot “was JB’d.” Handy term when playing with junior golfers, avoid the curses you’d love to spew. No offense to the Pretender.
  • Squirrel, wolf, or rabbit– different wagers that can be made simultaneously for 18 holes throughout your entire group or groups. Bet tallying post round often ends up with great confusion or disagreements. Fibonacci himself would find these calculations difficult.
  • Houdini– to pull of a miraculous shot
  • Gimme/gratis– conceding a short range putt to a playing partner
  • Porkchop- as in center of the fairway. Center cut porkchop
  • Mayor’s office- a shot that ends up in a great position. Used best when your inattentive partner is playing candy crush on his cell and asks where your shot went. A simple “mayor’s office” will suffice.

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  • Snake- a very long putt
  • Cart golf– the desirable outcome of shots hit by 2 people riding in the same cart landing in close proximity to each other. Particularly desirable if it’s the dreaded “cart paths only” kinda day
  • Zach it– getting a yardage from your cell phone GPS app. Zach Johnson, GolfLogix staff player. example – you:”I think I’m 160 out?” your cart partner: “no, it’s 148. I Zach’d it”
  • Pasture pool- borderline derogatory term for the game of golf. typically used by non golfers
  • Army golf– not advancing your shots towards the green or intended target. Instead, hitting it to “yo left, yo left, yo left right left”
  • Spieth’d- Jordan type. Pulling off a miraculous chip or putt. Generally to your adversaries/friends dismay. Example- “the skins game had carried over for 13 holes. Then on #14, I Spieth’d ’em when I chipped in for birdie.”


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  1. After playing on a number of “goat tracks” here in Australia, I can definitely relate to much of what you’re saying! ?
    Great article.

  2. Pretty cool page – I really enjoyed reading this. Fun site, with fun content. Clean looking also, easy to navigate. The Yoda picture really made the page. JoEllen

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