Impact Snap review- Golf impact position done right

Impact Snap review- Golf impact position done right



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  • My rating: 9.8 out of 10

Impact Snap Device, product overview

Created by Kelvin Miyahira, the Impact Snap is a swing trainer designed for all golfers. In his years of study and research, Kelvin found that most amateurs suffer from poor release patterns. The optimal position of the wrists at impact is not easily obtained. Ulnar deviation, supination, flexion, pronation….huh? All technical terms that Kelvin mentions. You don’t need to know these definitions verbatim. What is desirable is knowing how to perform these moves correctly and at the right time in your swing. And how the wrists should behave.  Along this journey, you’ll probably learn what these words mean anyway. His findings are way above my pay grade, but I DO know that forward shaft lean is desirable. A simple design, the Impact Snap can train you to acquire that elusive forward shaft lean at impact. Crisper shots, better trajectory. Get rid of that loathed casting once and for all. Finally know what real lag feels like.

Desired Impact Position

Flip, roll, cast, under flip……yuck! None of these descriptions of a golfer’s release are welcomed. How do I know? Massive “under flipper” for years. No bueno. Not that I couldn’t play some decent golf with this type of release. But it was all timing. If I was just a little out of sequence, well I think you can guess the “results”. High floating, soft landing shots were easy to perform this way.  Not to mention the more than occasional banana slice. But, if the moon and stars lined up correctly I might shoot in the 70’s with my under flip from hell. Here’s the catch though. That kind of release is “sorta playable” until  you get in the wind. Then? Fuggedaboudit! A ballooning trajectory in windy conditions is a direct path to double-bogeyville. I should know, I’ve got a condo there. In foreclosure. Anyway….

What can it cure?

Well, all of the aforementioned afflictions can be eradicated with the Impact Snap. Here’s a quick video to see it explained in action :


bubba watson
drive hold much??

Kelvin advocates what is called a ‘drive-hold’ release. Why? Only because of his countless hours of studying the greatest golfers of all time.They have/had all kinds of beautiful swings.

And funky looking swings. A trait commonplace in all of them is forward shaft lean with the drive-hold release. The Impact Snap is designed to provide you with this very type of release. Say adios to the balloon ball. Bubba, DJ, JB Holmes….these are just a few of the drive-hold practitioners in golf today. Granted, I know I will NEVER hit the ball like these guys. But with the proper training of my release, I can get one step closer to emulating them.

Who is it for?

Seasoned golfers and beginners alike, the Impact Snap is beneficial to all players of any age or skill level. When was the last time you heard “well, I’m heading out to play 18, I think I’ll try to hit the ball as bad as I possibly can”? Unless you’re Roy McAvoy (of Tin Cup fame) and attempting to put the hustle on someone, you will never hear this. Obviously. Will you hit “Bubba-esque” shots after training with the Impact Snap? Unlikely of course. However, you will be having better impact and shots with a more boring trajectory. Crisp irons that finally give you the feeling of hitting the ball with authority. And that my friends, is what we all strive towards.

 A quick case study by Kelvin:


drive hold exampele
crisper shots? Yes please!

Why a 9.8 outta 10? How many tens are really out there? Michelle Pfeiffer maybe. The Impact Snap is one helluva training aid. Life’s too short to hit weak fades all the time. There are many more case studies at Purchasing details can be found there as well. Be sure to enter the coupon code “comical” for your 10% discount. Comments and other reviews of this product are always welcomed at Comical Golfer. ‘Til next time, keep ’em in the short grass!

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6 thoughts on “Impact Snap review- Golf impact position done right

  1. One of the Best training aids I have ever used. Just awesome. Proper release and you also stay in your spine angle through the impact positions. Just a great feel and the proper motions and positions are achieved. Thank you!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Louise! This training aid is suitable for all golfers, but will be especially beneficial for beginners. One of the problem beginners face is learning the wrong way. Then, you have to go back and “un-learn” these things.Time consuming and little fun in that. Impact Snap will get the beginner on the right track from the start. would make a fantastic gift.

  3. Thanks great review and very detailed, I wouldn’t mind trying it out myself!. My husband has just got into golfing and has been complaining that he needs to work on his swing, would this be a good aid for him? (i’m looking for a birthday gift for him but rather clueless about golf myself!)

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