Joe Pesci golf : new review on an aging “goodfella”

Joe Pesci golf : new review on an aging “goodfella”


Silver screen icon who loves the links

Where do you even begin with Joe Pesci? Born in 1943, in Newark, NJ, the 73-year-old star has had a lifelong love affair with golf. Pesci first played at 17, and still enjoys the game today. This “new” review will be old hat to many, but thought it was high time to give some props to a favorite goodfella. Pesci got his first big screen role in 1961 but surprisingly had to wait til 1980 to achieve any acclaim. That was from his outstanding role as Joey LaMotta, brother to champion boxer Jake LaMotta (Robert Deniro), in the classic Raging Bull.

On screen exploits

So many roles to choose from! When you think of Joe Pesci, the natural inclination is to associate him with violent gangster characters. Obvious, with his seminal turn as Tommy Devito in the 1990’s epic Goodfellas. Pesci received his only Oscar win, and rightfully so. The famous restaurant scene has by now been rehashed millions of times. “Funny how?” “Like I’m a clown?” Wouldn’t dare speak for everyone, but I was certainly sold on him as a murderous sociopath.

“Vincent Gambini”

Pesci is so linked with gangsters of the Tommy Devito ilk (Casino, A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas) that I often forget his contribution to comedic roles. Maybe I’d much rather see Goodfellas for the 33rd time vs. Home Alone for the 3rd (?). Or perhaps I don’t like watching him playing a bungling criminal. Whatever, the guy is funny. If you didn’t laugh uncontrollably in My Cousin Vinny, then stop reading now. This is the wrong blog for you. Of course, he’s playing the wiseguy NYC “mob” type here but dressed up as a green lawyer. That I’d have no trouble watching for the umpteenth time. Marisa Tomei doesn’t hurt the cause either.

“Leo Getz”

Despite the fact it feels like they made 9 Lethal Weapon movies, it was only 4.  Fortunately for us, the slightly off-kilter accountant, Leo Getz (Pesci) appeared in the final two. Keeping this post PG rated, I can’t add the drive-thru scene clip. But wander off to Youtube and check it out if you like. Not only funny but prophetic as well. They don’t quite ‘treat you right’ at the drive-thru. Leo is naturally the victim here. If Leo went to play golf, you can only imagine that the greens would be aerated. Without them telling him in advance.

“Nicky Cerone”

1983’s Easy Money is a forgotten classic. Rodney Dangerfield (aka Al Czervic from Caddyshack) plays the sad-sack everyman, with Pesci appearing as sidekick Nicky Cerone. Drinking, gambling, and chasing “skirts” are Rodney and his cohorts daily activities. Of course, Pesci’s character takes the gambling part a bit more serious than most. Possibly a harbinger to the ultra-violent mobsters he’d soon bring to life, Joe shines in this supporting role. One thing you don’t wanna do? Mess with Nicky Cerone and a gamble he’s trying to cash!

“Nicky Santoro”

Who could forget this maniac that Pesci created? His acting skills were on full display in 1995’s Casino. Though it is a great film, it did seem to drag in some spots. But who am I to question Marty Scorcese? More importantly, they were kind enough to supply us with a golf scene, and how mobsters really feel about the Feds. Enjoy!

Life imitating art

Joe Pesci has given us a lifetime of memorable roles. The fact he spends his off time chasing a little white ball around has only endeared him to me more. That and knowing the real life Joe apparently doesn’t put up with sh** off the silver screen either. Call him short fused, but he wasn’t going for this British (pop star) invasion. I must live in a cave because I’ve never heard of Robbie Williams . It seems Mr. Williams was having a party at his mansion. He happens to be a neighbor of Mr. Pesci. For some reason, Robbie, and his buddies decided it was ok to block Pesci’s driveway with their cars. Bad call, Robbie. Joe proceeds to come at them wielding a golf club, instructing them to move their cars ASAP. Though “instruct to move” is putting it a bit on the mild side. Pesci’s language was more…. colorful. After brief contemplation, Robbie and his gang was happy to comply. You can read about it from the Mirror here.

Life goes on

At 73, it’s doubtful Joe hits the links as often as he used to. At one time, he admitted to playing “almost every day.” Whether teeing it up with Jack Nicholson at Lakeside Country Club or cracking skulls with Deniro on celluloid, Pesci easily makes the golfers we like category. What’s your favorite Pesci role? With so many to choose from, I’d have major difficulty answering that one.

Film information retrieved from IMDB

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10 thoughts on “Joe Pesci golf : new review on an aging “goodfella”

  1. Hi Helen,

    Yes would be most difficult choosing a favorite. So many to choose from. What impresses me the most is his ability to go from evil gangster to comic genius. That’s talent for you I suppose.

    Your dad sounds like my kinda guy! Golf, followed by cribbage. What more could you ask for? Don’t blame him for giving it up in his 70s following his friends incident. Ouch!

    Haha well at least the gases are odorless when reaching the surface. That would be most unpleasant if not! Here it just means they have small punctures in them. They aren’t unplayable, but nobody really wants to play on them if they can help it. I doubt Joe had to deal with it much. “Leo Getz” on the other hand… 🙂

    thanks so much for stopping by and your comments!


  2. Joe is the man for sure! I was 18 when I saw Goodfellas the 1st time. Was basically the first mob movie I’d ever seen. I was hooked immediately. And for sure, Joe not tolerating the teenage pop stars! Thanks for stopping by and your comments


  3. Lefty, I had forgotten Joe Pesci even though I have seen most of his films and really enjoyed them. I don’t think I can name one particular favourite. It is also interesting to know he pulled no punches in real life. Even for us ‘ordinary’ people resent others parking us in or out!

    My dad would have fit right into your comic golfer mode. His best golf was playing cribbage in the golf house! He tried hard but fortune never favoured him. He entered the Pro Am one year, hit 5 balls down the river bank from the first tee and then went home in disgust. Finally, in his 70’s he phoned up and said he had quit for good. I thought it was because he finally admitted he really was inconsistent. But it turned out a buddy of his took a swing and kept going, landing on his back. Dad figured that would be the last ignominy he could stand so that was it.

    I also had a chuckle at your aerated greens. The term is meant differently in my example here. In many places part of the sewage treatment is done via sports fields. It is all underground but the warm gases (no odour by that time) rise up through the soil and grasses. A colleague of mine was developing these in China. He was walking across a field and found his ankles being gently and warmly massaged! Imagine Joe walking on one of these!

  4. You can’t beat Joe Pesci, one of the greats. Goodfellas has got to be one of my all-time favorite movies and I think one of the most talked about scenes is when Joe thinks he’s about to become a “made man”.

    Also as a child of the 90’s I remember him from the home alone movies which were awesome as well. Could definitely see Joe getting pissed at some teenage pop stars and inducing an incident. Awesome dude.

  5. Goodfellas is one of my favorites, and Joe is one of the main reasons. The Letal Weapon drive-thru scene is a CLASSIC. I was hoping you would bring it up. 🙂 Thanks for the filmography – and the chuckles!

  6. Call me crazy, but I love Home Alone. One of my favorite scenes is one the tarantula crawls on Pesci!

  7. Love all the info on Joe! I liked my cousin vinny also. You are right who wouldn’t laugh watching that show. Thanks for sharing

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