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Some samplings of terminology (and meanings?) learned over the years:

*NOTE= all shot shapes are assuming right handed golfer*

  • Driver– Lumber, big dog, one wood, beast, WMD, Kraken, Bessie (and/ or any proper name)
  • Track– golf course
  • Goat ranch- golf course of questionable quality. usually a dump or poorly maintained. can still have their charm/allure
  • Hack– noun: a really terrible golfer. Verb: to flail mightily at the ball, often with poor results
  • Aerated – reference to maintenance done on greens. consisting of small holes/punctures in the putting surface. players usually made aware of recent aeration AFTER arriving at course intending to play
  • Putter- flat stick, wand, any proper or wacky name (Bessie, Flossie etc.) *note*name not always a term of endearment
  • Three jack- taking three putts to hole out. *note* usually quickly followed by cursing of some sort
  • Sand trap/bunker– beach, kitty litter
  • Dance Floor- putting surface, green
  • Fringe– also known as frog hair. tightly mowed area around the green (dance floor)
  • Fade– a slight left to right shot shape, intended to land softly and minimize roll
  • Slice– Extreme left to right shot shape: banana ball, boomerang, cut
  • Draw– slight right to left shot shape, maximizes roll out and distance (overspin)
  • Hook– right to left shot shape, draw overdone
  • Snap hook– severe right to left shot shape
  • Fatted- to hit behind the ball, take turf/ground before making contact with ball. also known as chunked or hitting the “big ball first” ; the earth
  • Thinned– not hitting ball in sweet spot of club. won’t travel as far as intended. can result in lower trajectory

********list continued in “part deux”********

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10 thoughts on “Slang/Jargon

  1. haha well, they could be used in Ireland, but not sure some of these “terms” have made it there yet!
    probably most of them though, so you should be well versed 🙂

  2. Started playing golf recently in Ireland, would these terms also be used here. I hope so my swing might not be great but at least I’ll have some of the terminologies down.

  3. Haha nice post! I never knew about all these golf terms but I’m definitely a “hack” lol. Now I’ll know what my friends are saying behind my back the next time we go golfing. Thanks!

  4. I am a beginner at golf, so knowing all that will put me in the same lines with the pros, right?…:) At least now i will be able to blend to all those conversations with the golfers…

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