Funny Golf Lessons – are they?

Funny Golf Lessons – are they?


Should they be? Perhaps the answer is a bit of bothkelvin miyahira meme

Can golf lessons be funny? If you just paid $80 (or more) for a half hour lesson and you feel like you got WORSE, the answer would be a resounding no. Um yea, thanks for making me suck even more. But of course that’s usually the exception, not the rule.

What is your intent?

Hopefully, your intent is fun along with ideas and thoughts on ways to improve. Maybe you’re a beginner. The pro will probably start you out with some very basic ideas. Proper grip, posture and alignment are just a few of the basics most likely covered. You’ll probably end up taking 30 or so swings and the pro will be hoping you flush 2 or 3 of those. If that’s the case, you could get hooked quite quickly.

Humor for allgroucho meme

Beginner, intermediate or seasoned golfer-we can all have a laugh. Ideally you’ll find a pro that has a sense of humor you can gel with. Knowing you’re not there to ham it up, but at the same time keeping you engaged with some wry wit. Possibly a little off color humor. You’ll invariably hit some shots “off target”. A bit askew. Flippin’ sideways! Your immediate question…..”what the %$^# was that?!” Then you’ll laugh and the pro will most likely be yukking it up with you. Then he or she will line you out. Point out your (likely) error. Then you’ll be flushing it again in no time. Easy game…..

If it were only true

We knowwwww it’s not easy. We wouldn’t be forking over that $80 if that were the case. Therein lies the beauty. We can certainly try to improve, but we never have to take ourselves too seriously. The insurmountable challenge. The old “it’s not destination it’s the journey” rah rah stuff. But that’s ok. Improvement will be ours, a good teaching pro and a willing student and miracles can happen. Besides, we can just put the $80 on the Underhills’ tab.



4 thoughts on “Funny Golf Lessons – are they?

  1. Oh yeah, I have been there. Like the day I discovered I should be playing lefthanded. I am a lefty but took golf lessons in college and they started me right handed. Yes, I need to remember to not take it so seriously and laugh at my short shots and misadventures. Loved the article, thanks.

  2. Yes, I know that everyone will laugh at me 🙂 I have golf clubs and I have “watched” other do lessons, and then I just kind of try. On top of it, I’m left handed which makes me a hard one to give lessons to. I liked the post. Great length and interesting. Thanks!

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