Augusta Dreams: What does the Masters mean to You?

Augusta Dreams: What does the Masters mean to You?


The Masters is upon us!


What that means to you could be just about anything. For non-golfers, my guess is it means very little. But for husbands, wives and children of golfers they KNOW what it means. The TV will be glued to the coverage the rest of the week! Sorry little one, no Spongebob for you. A big dose of Nantz and Faldo is all you’ll get!

More than a tournament?

It’s still just a golf tournament. But for me, it means much more. Really one could turn off the sound and just enjoy it for the beauty. Besides, possibly (way!) past time for CBS to update that theme music. Maybe come back from commercial with some Sinatra crooning. Or enter sandman from Metallica? Yes, I jest. Sorta.

An American spectacle

The Masters lets us know spring is here. Georgia on my mind. The azaleas in full bloom, the grass so pristine you could drop your hot dog on the ground and have no problem invoking the 5-second rule. Honestly, I think the place is like a Monet come to life. The place is just that damn beautiful. And it’s a tradition founded in America, by the gentleman and scholar Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones. Not to mention it’s a major championship, one of 4 played yearly. Unlike other majors, the venue never changes. Familiarity breeding contempt? About as far from the truth as one can get. Those of us that have watched over the years know it begins “on the back 9 Sunday”. We know what difficulties await the hopefuls around Amen Corner. But we never tire of watching it unfold.

Relax and settle in….

Join family and friends and share it. Let the drama unfold. Breathe in the beauty of the place. It truly is as, the aforementioned Mr. Nantz says, “a tradition unlike any other”. ¬†What does the Masters mean to you?

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