Golf : take two weeks off then quit!

Golf : take two weeks off then quit!


No, not really. Butttttt, I’m sure you’ve been dazzled with this nugget from just about any friend you’ve ever asked for a tip. At comical golfer, we try to make it about fun. Laughter. Camaraderie. We all want to play well, it just doesn’t happen all the time. Might happen for me if the moon and stars align correctly. This game is hard! (thanks Einstein) But don’t jettison your clubs into oblivion just yet. Or the nearest pond or lake. One good shot, that’ll bring us back. And we’d like to grow this fascinating game with humor. And the realization that we might never break 80 or 90. Or any arbitrary score. Matters not, because we can all still laugh and have a good time.

Imagine a disgruntled playing companion, cursing about every shot, poor lie, slow green,( a guy once said he missed a putt because of the glare from of a playing companions’ flashy Pumas!)….and on and on. Asking why they play this game. Swearing they won’t be playing again until he/she gets some lessons. But out of nowhere, a 7 iron from 16o tracks the pin like a heat seeking missile. Boom, tap in for birdie! Brimming with joy and unabashed newfound confidence, the next thing they ask? “What time we playing tomorrow?”

At comical golfer, we strive to keep it light. Have a stroll through our fairways. Have a chuckle or two. Keep it in the shortgrass and remember to have fun. It’s still just a game. Said no one that ever 3 putted 18 to lose a dinner bet…

                                                                                     Note to self:

homer simpson meme


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